2019 Desert Dog K9 Trials

Sponsorship Opportunities

This annual event is not funded by any law enforcement agency or government monies. All costs associated with the event must be raised through sales at our ALECA Store, donations, sales of program ad space, or vendor booth fees. If you or your business would like to become involved there are many ways to help support or sponsor the K9 Trials.



For more information on Event Sponsorship contact Tony Sanborn 602 828 2099 tony@desertdogk9trials.com



The cost to sponsor one K9 Team for the

2019 Desert Dog Police K9 Trials is $150.00.

You can select a team known to you, a team from

your city/town or a random team.

Those of us on the Trials Committee understand that
many of you have a favorite K9, handler, or agency that

you want to sponsor, AND we are very grateful for your

understanding of our position of how important it is to

give every team that wants to participate the opportunity

to do so through sponsorships.

Click here to sponsor a team or dog for the 2019 Desert Dog Police K-9 Trials


Please remember, that without your support, some teams that participated last year would not have been able to do so, and the same holds true for this year.


Again, we cannot overstate how thankful we are for your understanding if the team or agency you want to sponsor is not available or is already sponsored. We are very excited as we continue to expand and build great partnerships with our sponsors that will ensure that any K9 teams that want to participate will be able to do so through your generosity.


For more information please contact

Susan Tollakson at 480-242-2686 or Susan@desertdogk9trials.com

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