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About Us

ALECA is an organization that consists of Law Enforcement handlers and trainers throughout the Southwest. Meetings are held several times per year, usually in conjunction with training and seminars.

  • To promote and assist in the utilization of police service dogs in the prevention and detection of crime.

  • To promote educational programs in relation to the utilization of police service dogs in Law Enforcement.

  • To provide assistance to Law Enforcement agencies wishing to implement police service dogs in Law Enforcement.

Assisting Officers

Properly trained police dogs assist officers with searching buildings and areas for unauthorized persons. They help track criminals that are fleeing or assist in tracking and locating lost persons. Another great use is a dog's nose. Their sense of smell helps Law Enforcement search for hidden explosives, narcotics, and evidence of crimes.

a dog running in a grassy area

Police often have criminals fleeing from serious crimes and arrests. Police dogs assist by pursuing and apprehending with minimum force to apprehend on command and in the protection of the police K9 handler, other officers, and the public.

Properly trained police dogs give law enforcement officers one of the finest non-lethal aids in the prevention and detection of crime.

ALECA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for tax purposes.

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