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The ALECA Desert Dog Art Contest

The Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Association (ALECA) is pleased to announce a new organizational effort to interact and partner with Arizona Schools. The ALECA “Desert Dog Art Contest” is a new program intended to challenge Arizona elementary school students artistic efforts while highlighting the special relationship police officers have with Arizona's youth.

Painting of K9 Dog's head




We respectfully request each elementary school administrator in the state notify their student body of this exciting art competition!

Challenge each student to submit artwork that they feel best represents the relationship between police and the public. Each individual school would then select their first place winner and submit that artwork for the statewide competition.

Please submit your first place entry (one entry per school) scanned or digital to artcontest@alecapolicek9.com


The winner of the statewide art competition will win a Public Safety Demonstration for their school.

Winner will be selected by majority vote by members of the ALECA Executive Board.

The public safety demo will include a visit from local police K9’s; as well as, a static display of specialty police equipment (SWAT vehicle, Robots, Drones) and a flyover from local police helicopter. Our partners from Circle K will also be on hand to distribute fresh coffee and sandwiches to school staff and parents, as well as coupons for free “Polar Pops” at a local Circle K.

BONUS: The winning artwork will be displayed for the public on all media outlets. During the public safety demonstration, a secondary prize will be announced. The secondary prize is confidential but does involve an enhanced level of notoriety for the winner at an upcoming public event.


For any and all questions, feel free to reach out via the "Contact Us" section or you can email our media director, Jason Jambor, directly at socialmedia@alecapolicek9.com

On behalf of our organization, I want to thank you for your time and hope you will support this exciting new program. We hope we can be partners in this endeavor as we work to improve the relationship between Arizona's youth and our dedicated public servants (including the four-legged ones).

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